Pashto peace poet Rahman Baba, Pashto Poet english Translation

What a marvelous creator is my Lord:
All authority is subject to my Lord

All the holy ones of old you may recall,
Unsurpassed in excellence is still my Lord

Nothing does He need or want from anyone,
Seeking favours none should reckon with my Lord

Out of nothing He created everything,
He sustains and nourishes it all, my Lord

Like an artist He perfectly formed all things,
Yet he harks to all the man would speak, My Lord

Of the unimagined in this time and space
Very essence, very fragrance is my Lord

Rehman Baba


Anonymous said...

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Rupam Hazarika said...

Nice poem !!!
In my view, there is a relationship between poetry and spiritualism .....
Both are interdependent ............
Is not it ?????

Voltaire said that_______
“Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.”

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Unknown said...

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